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Eagle Rock:
Community Pride Through
Triumphs and Tribulations



By:  Jean Won
Edited by: Professor Jan Lin


First off, thank you to Mr. Burt Freighly up in Washington state for the generous funding for publication of this work.

Many thanks to Mr. John Miller, president of the Historical Society, for the wealth of knowledge of Eagle Rock history and faith that I wouldn’t swipe any of the materials in the archive.  (rest assured)

Thanks to everybody who took the time to have an interview with me over the years, including Henry Welcome, Doris Thielan, Kaye Beckham, Linda Allen, Ruby DeVera, Reverent Norman Gordon, Eric Warren, Nick Pacheco, Kathleen Aberman, Jack Tritch, Merrit Tritch, Officer Joe Valindo, Richard Alatorre, Angela Robinson, and Bob Thielan.  Although I was not able to include quotes from every one of you, you have all significantly contributed to the development of this paper.

I would like to acknowledge the Occidental College Summer Research Program and the Ford/Anderson/Camp Fellowship for the funding of the research in this work.

Thank you to Professors Jan Lin and Warren Montag from Occidental College for all their guidance, support, and especially their food.  Professor Lin, thanks for all the time you took out of your busy schedule for this.

And finally, thanks to my mom, Ann Choi, for her support, love, and friendship.


Author Biography

Jean Won is an Eagle Rock native and graduate of Eagle Rock High School.  She is currently a student of Sociology at
Occidental College.


Table of Contents
Native American Era
Spanish/Mexican Era
As a Small Suburb
Part of Los Angeles
“The City,â€