Catering- To- Go Menu


hot entrees


turkey pot pie

chicken pot pie

beef pot pie

the ultimate comfort food with rich gravy and vegetables -baked in a  flaky crust

full tray  (serves 20-25)           75

half tray (serves10)                  37.50


vegetarian pot pie

made with root veggies and vegetarian gravy baked in a flaky crust

full tray  (serves 20-25)           65

half tray (serves 10)                 32.50


vegetarian lasagna

turkey lasagna

beef and sausage lasagna

all made with our delicious homemade tomato sauce

full tray  (serves 20)                  65

half tray (serves 10)                 32.50


spinach, feta and pine nut pie

baked in a filo crust

full tray  (serves 20)                 65

half tray (serves 10)      32.50


chilequiles casserole

fresh, soft tortillas layered with jack cheese, tomatoes, green chili

peppers and tomatillo salsa  

full tray  (serves  20-25)          55

half tray  (serves 10)                27.50


eggplant parmesan

full tray   (feeds 20)                 65

half tray  (feeds 10)                32.50



spinach, tomato and cheddar

ham and gruyere

full tray   (serves 20)                60

half tray  (serves 10)                30


tamale pie

seasoned beef with a cornbread crust

Full tray  (serves 20-25)          65

Half tray  (serves 10-12)          32.50


beef stew

tender beef seasoned with fresh herbs, slow cooked in red wine

5.95 per portion, 10 portion minimum


grilled chicken breasts

(may be served hot or at room temperature)


choice of:

spiced rubbed cajun

tuscan- cooked in white wine, topped with tomatoes, olives and garlic

ginger garlic

maple rosemary


5.50 per portion

(10 portion minimum)


grilled marinated flank steak

(may be served hot or at room temperature)

served with tomatillo salsa or mustard caper sauce

(6.50 per portion,  10 portion minimum)


turkey meatloaf

the house favorite- just like mama used to make!

45 per loaf (serves 8-10 people)


garlic and herb roasted whole chicken

9.95 per chicken  (serves 2 people)

(5 order minimum)


seared tuna provencal 

topped with white wine, tomatoes and fresh herbs

9.50 per portion, 10 portion minimum




fig and arugula salad

with balsamic vinaigrette and shaved parmesan

3.50 per person


mixed baby greens salad

with  balsamic or cider vinaigrette

2.50 per person


classic caesar salad

with house made sourdough croutons

3.25 per person


spinach salad

with red onion confit, candied pecans and goat cheese

3.25 per person


side dishes


garlic mashed potatoes

wild rice with dried fruit and nuts

roasted seasonal vegetables

green beans with garlic and toasted hazelnuts

oven roasted new potatoes with fresh herbs

baby carrots with fresh dill

baked butternut squash


2.50 per person




assorted mini dessert platter

cookies, decadent chocolate brownies and assorted bars

2.50 per person, 10 person minimum



apple crumb                            16.50

chocolate pecan         16.50

pumpkin                                  16.50


white chocolate- tart cherry bread pudding

the best you’ve ever tasted- made with valrhona chocolate and la brea bakery brioche

(serves 12-15 people)           40.00


apple crisp

the quintessential fall treat

(serves 12-15 people)   40.00



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a menu to meet your specific entertaining needs.